Five things to know for the 2022 spring selling season

Traditionally, spring is a time of fervent activity for the Australian property market as sales and listings increase. However spring 2022 is expected to hit a little differently amid higher mortgage rates, weak consumer sentiment, stretched household budgets and weaker buyer interest. Using the latest data and insights from CoreLogic, we’ve compiled five key trends…Read More→

Property prices are falling – is it a good time to buy?

In July, Australian home values were -2.0% lower than the peak in April 2022. On top of price declines, many other data points suggest a slowing in market conditions. Properties are taking longer to sell, vendors are gradually lowering their prices, and reduced appetite for finance means there is less buyer competition amid a larger…Read More→

Tips for Creating a Dual-Purpose Dining Room

While inflation has implications for housing demand, housing itself influences inflation. By understanding how inflation and housing fit together, the market outlook for the year ahead becomes a little clearer. ABS figures showed the highest annual rate of inflation in June 2022 in almost 32 years. As we head into the new financial year, annual inflation is…Read More→