Research & Analysis

Our core strength is research & analysis on the latest market data provided by leading & renown able property data companies. We do collect all attributes of property’s data like sales, demand, supply, land zoning, impacts of Overlays, activities at Statutory (Municipal Planning Strategy) & Strategic Planning levels (VPA).  

If we need to, we do checks with relevant organizations to make sure data is up to date and valid. In our research, we take help of professional consultants too for planning assessment of sites for different reasons like: 

  • If site is in re-zoning process (Precinct Structure Plan) 
  • If site is being impacted by blast buffer or sensitive zone due to any quarry around property 
  • If site is impacted by any other buffer zone due to special use zone in neighbourhood
  • If site is impacted with waterway or retarding basin
  • If any public acquisition involved
  • To find what can be the best yield achieved on subject site 

Our team member AJ Pal has 15 years of experience in Demand Planning / Data Analytics which is advantage for our clients & team.